Wet Cleaning

Dry cleaning is still an effective way of cleaning some garments, but times are changing and the process is not likely to be around for ever, since the chemicals involved are far from pleasant.

In its place, Burford Laundry now uses wet cleaning, a much more environmentally friendly but equally efficient way of cleaning your clothes, as well as suede, leather and other ‘difficult’ and unusual fabrics.

Our specialist wet cleaning techniques do a great job of cleaning all kinds of unusual materials while taking expert care of them and avoiding the need to use the chemicals involved in dry cleaning.

Wet cleaning is similar to dry cleaning but is a much more environmentally friendly process that uses gentle biodegradable detergents that are ideally suited to delicate and difficult fabrics. It’s kinder on the skin and much better for the planet while still making a great job of cleaning your clothes.

Wet cleaning is a great way of taking care of specialists fabrics, but if you still aren’t sure whether or not to entrust something out of the ordinary to our care, the simple answer is to come in and talk to us.

We have decades of experience and our well qualified team is always happy to chat to customers about the best way to restore something to its former glory. From a precious family heirloom to a pair of over-sized curtains, we’ve seen it all before, and we are happy to talk to you about how we can clean it with care.

While you are here, take advantage of the coffee machine in our smart new reception area and have a quick browse around our Tannery Yard shop. We can guarantee you a warm welcome as well as great advice.

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